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"Maxwell House Coffee Drinks & Desserts Cookbook"
By Barbara Albright
Maxwell House, Coffee Drinks & Desserts Cookbook by Barbara Albright shows coffee lovers how to appease their sweet tooth and satisfy their coffee cravings with more than 160 irresistible dessert and coffee drink recipes. This is too good to be limited to the mornings and evenings alone; coffee can be enjoyed around the clock from sophisticated desserts to fun and easy brownies or shakes. Each recipe is marked with its level of difficulty and preparation time. The book begins with an enlivening history of the bean that has come to be revered for its rich and vibrant flavor, as well as the story behind the company that is known for the good taste to the last drop.
"Neo Soul"
By Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams, author of Neo Soul, mastered the art of soul food cooking in the kitchen of his grandmother's famous Harlem restaurant Sylvia's . But too much of that great food caused Lindsey to gain weight. At a certain point, he knew that he had to make some significant changes. He decided to develop his own version of healthy soul food. Coupled with a healthier lifestyle, this new approach to cooking helped him lose nearly two hundred pounds. Neo Soul features more than one hundred delicious recipes that are food for the body and the soul.


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