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"Carnival Undercover"
By Bret Witter
Carnival Undercover by Bret Writter reveals the secret world of amusement parks, carnivals, and fairs. Discover the skills, thrills, and chills that the carnies don't want you to know. Learn how to win prizes every time you play and choose the best seat on a roller coaster. The keys to success at the amusement park are yours for the taking here in Carnival Undercover.
"Pressure Is a Privilege"
By Billie Jean King
Tennis champion King uses her 1973 Battle of the Sexes match against Bobby Riggs as a foil to illuminate 13 life lessons in this self-help quasi-memoir. Part business advice, part personal advice and all motivation, King's insights aren't novel (seize opportunities whenever they arise, do your best and visualize success), and her advice (shared family meals with all cell phones turned off) is standard but sound. For a radical figure in sports and women's equality, King treads the safe and narrow throughout the brief book (her first since the 1982 autobiography Billie Jean), and coasts on repeated references to an important but particularly dated match. Tennis fans may want to give it a perusal, but those seeking fresh inspiration can pass.

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